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IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. ("IAT") is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on automobile development, assembly, auto-parts development, vehicle prototype and tests. IAT was founded in 2002 and officially changed name to IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. after share-holding system reform in early 2012.
The company’s expertise area covers design & development of electric vehicle, traditional vehicle, power train, product planning, CAE analysis, NVH development, electrical vehicle R&D, electronic control, concurrent engineering analysis, show car construction, JIG design, prototyping, SEG, vehicle testing, parts testing and projects consulting. IAT’s investors include well-known venture capital firms such as Sequoia Capital, GSR Ventures and Mitsui Ventures.
As the leading independent automotive design company, IAT attracts many excellent design experts and engineers from Japan, South Korea and European countries. Domestically, IAT also employs many talents whom have exceptional design and manufacturing experience in automotive industry. IAT has long-term strategic alliance relationship with renowned automotive companies globally, such as Mitsubishi in Japan, Germany CDH, GFI, etc. Over the years, IAT’s products have always been favored by well-known automobile companies, including FAW, BAIC, Shaanxi Auto, GAC Group, DFM Corporation, Geely, FAW-Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan and Chana Suzuki, with its high-quality, high-tech and some other advanced features. IAT has also achieved the extraordinary success in R&D areas of auto engines and gearbox.
Given IAT’s rapid development during this decade, it has expanded its branch offices to Shanghai, Changchun, Chengdu, Ningbo and Wuhan where located near the major domestic auto companies, with the purpose of providing more personal and convenient services for our customers. Meanwhile, IAT has also expanded into overseas markets in Japan and other countries to draw resources world widely. With its headquarters in Beijing, IAT has positioned itself strategically with design, sales and R&D team divisions spread across the vital clusters of auto-industry both in China and abroad.


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