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Auto Market Analyzing/Products Planning

“From assist in the development of just a superior product, move to support the development of a product that actually sells”

In recent years, China has developed into the world’s largest Auto Market; Auto Manufacturers world widely have been launching products into China. The competition among Auto Manufactures is getting more intense, and the product would never win out if no tactic has been planned.

It takes years to develop a product in full.  Manufacturers set up the research program based on the present popular vehicle types. However, till the product is finally launched on the market, there is always a different type of vehicle attracts consumers. Such things happened in China particularly, people’s preferences changes dramatically, it is very difficult for Auto Manufacturers to predict what the market prefers a few years later.

As a lot of time and money has been invested into the project; if no buyers when the product is final released on the market, the investment would unable to recovery. Such situations are burden to operators, which must be avoided. That is why a project planning concept needs to be considered during the initial product development, which will become more important in the future.

Considering the market demand: which type of products would future consumer pursue? What kind of technology could help Auto Manufactures to embody a clear impression of consumer’s needs? Thus, a sufficient project research and examinations are very important process for the development of best-selling products.

At the early stage of IAT’s development, as customer required, our main projects are only focused on Auto Styling and Designing of vehicle’s development. But now, as situations in Chinese Auto market just mentioned above, we will need to participate in every project since the very beginning stages, from marketing research and concepts planning till complete the products, for our purpose of develop a product that sells.

What type of cars should we develop? It needs to analyze marketing environment based on consumer’s will; deliberate on customers’ demand and evaluate the competitive force of similar products. Based on the data we have gathered, from two perspective of software and hardware,  we summarize the“Technique idea of Products” and present proposals . Once the proposal negotiated with clients, we then move to the next step –Auto Design.

International Auto Manufacturers has market research and project planning such processes integrated into vehicle development already.  Speak of IAT, we also need to process the similar development steps to support products development as Auto manufacturer does, in order to fulfill clients’ satisfaction.





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