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Battery Quick Change R&D

Battery Quick-change Research & Development

In order to solve the issue of short cruising mileage of EV, IAT proposes the eTAXI concept car for the promotion of battery quick-change system. Only with the set-up of pit for quick-change device and spare battery warehouse within the ordinary gas station, the bottleneck of short cruising mileage for EV will be broken through and EV will dramatically increase its cruising range with low cost.

The operation procedures of battery quick –change system of eTAXI Concept car is: park the EV on top of the pit first. After systematic quick positioning for the EV, the quick-change system loosen the fixing bolts under the floor, remove the battery pallet and sent to spare battery warehouse; choose new battery and install on its position inside EV. The time for battery pack disassembly only needs 90 seconds and the whole changeover process is about 5 minutes, similar to that of gas filling.



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