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EV Performance Matching

EV Prototype Design & Modification
If the EV performance design is described as the skeleton of EV, the EV prototype design & modification will be the fresh of EV. It has the following several aspects:

   EV accessory design

   EV layout design and modification

   EV chassis system design and modification

   EV electrical system design and modification

   EV electrical system design and modification

EV accessory selection includes all the devices and designing tasks that are necessary to supplement the motor and battery selection, such as DC/DC, weak current battery, charger, relay, electric vacuum pump, electric air conditioner. Based on the model of motor and battery and on-board equipments consumption, we accurately calculate the power demands of EV accessory and other related parameters choose among thousands of similar products the most cost-effective EV accessory and ensure the accessory work smoothly with motor and battery by a optimized layout.

Layout of EV changes a lot from that of the conventional vehicle due to the application of a serial components, such as motor, battery and electric vacuum pump. With the advanced software such as CATIA and accumulated experience on layout for conventional vehicle, IAT can complete the reasonable layout for EV.

At the aspect of exterior trim, IAT also has unique ideas. Our elite designer team can work out EV with fresh characteristics for customers. At the Beijing Auto Exhibition held at Apr. 2010, IAT showcased many self-developed EV models, which were very impressive for their clear characteristics both at layout and exterior styling.

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