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EV Power Train System Integrated Design

EV Power Train System Integrated Design

IAT has achieved sustained development and continuous improvement of EV power system integration design via the technological breakthroughs , which includes electrical motor and VCU integration, battery pack integration, energy management, torque control system and motor control system integration.

Powertrain package design:
Electric motor & motor controller, driveline integration design;
Battery module & pack integration design;
VCU and vehicle electrical system (include high/low voltage system, and vehicle CAN communication system etc) integration design;
Powertrain assemblies/parts selection、design and performance match :
Battery & BMS selection and performance match
Electric motor and motor controller selection and performance match
VCU design
Wiring harness system design
Powertrain CAN communication design
Powertrain calibration:
BMS calibration
Motor controller calibration
VCU calibration
Vehicle drivability calibration


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