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EV Controller R&D

Controller Research & Development

Vehicle controller is the most critical controlling component in EV. IAT has a core team for controller design. By integrating the advanced international technical resources and cooperating with prestigious domestic universities, this team has developed the vehicle-use controller for EV with IPO.

Vehicle controller for EV is the top level controller, mainly including the foll owing functions:

    data collection and processing    information transfer   component controlling    faults diagnosis


Vehicle-use controller for EV has abundant interface sources, through which the information could be communicated to each auxiliary controller & component controller, thus the vehicle-use controller can get the real-time data information monitored by those sensors at different parts of the vehicle(such as motor rotation speed, torque, battery voltage, current, yaw velocity) and other related data calculated by auxiliary controllers(such as speed, battery SOC, all battery end voltage states). All those data will provide the vehicle controller with authoritative judgment on the current EV running status. Then the vehicle controller can send instructions to each auxiliary controller for consequent controls or provide the drive with various kinds of information.

Vehicle controller is also the main tool for communications between the driver and the vehicle. Since the mechanical connection between the pedals and core driving components are removed in advanced EV, driver operations(acceleration, deceleration)are sent to vehicle controller by the sensors. Combined with the actual running condition of EV, the real intention of driver will be judged, then send commands to motor driving system or brake system, and receive the feedback from auxiliary controllers.

Vehicle controller will adopt different controlling strategies based on the detected vehicle abnormalities or the faults descriptors sent back by each auxiliary controller. For instance, fault descriptor will be sent back to controller when the motor is over-heat. Received the fault descriptor, the main controller would signal corresponding commands according to other motor parameters and current vehicle status parameters, such as the reduce of execution commands or motor cut-out, then feedback the fault descriptor to the driver.

Vehicle controller is the core component of EV. At present, IAT has mastered the core technology of vehicle controller, and had relatively big edge in the fields of critical status parameter predict, CAN bus technology and controlling logic etc…. We will customize the most cost-effective vehicle controller as per the customer requirements.


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