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Battery Matching

 Battery Matching

Battery matching includes following aspects:

   battery parameter selection   battery management system and other subsidiary systems matching

Battery is one of the core components in EV. Its capacity determines the cruising mileage of an EV. IAT carries out the EV running status circulation test under simulation circumstances through EV dynamic model and driver model. In accordance with the running circulation test defined by the National Standard(GB), we select the battery capacity that meets the customer requirements on cruising mileage, and implement repeat calibrations on the actual cruising mileage of EV based on its designed actual battery capacity and discharging characters.

The selection of battery system not only involves with the choice on related battery parameters, but also associates with the layout of battery pack. IAT has rich experience in battery pack layout. Our effective layout of the battery packs on several existed models are all made distinctive to their own features, which on one hand ensures that the battery features are not impacted, while on the other hand strengthens the whole structure of EV and the tests validation .


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